Friday, December 9, 2011

How can it be December 9th already? The days just march on so very quickly. Today it is Christmas Tree buying day! We will head off to our favorite Newtown Christmas Tree lot and pick up one large tree (living room) and one small tree (dining room). Hopefully this weekend both trees will be decorated and giving lots of new holiday cheer to my sweet home.

I also hope my cats don't decide to climb the trees! Oh dear! They certainly love batting the ornaments!

Our Little Wooden Doll is all dressed up to go shopping! She's wearing her Santa Claus outfit with the green corduroy pants! One of the 'santa claus' even has a bit of red glitter shining back at us.

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  1. ...cute, cute! Have fun finding your the trees!

    We had our office party last night, and another Christmas party tonight. I love al the parties!